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      湖南林欣石化有限责任公司是一家多元化经营的民营企业 ,公司分为两大板块:

      第 一板块为:油品部,主要经营柴油、汽油 、天然气等的销售 ;

      第 二板块为:制造部  ,主要生产销售物流器具、金属制品 、汽车配件  ;

      公司是中化石油湖南分公司物资成员单位 ,持有湖南省商务厅批准经营成品油的资质证书 ,是一家经长沙工商管理部门登记注册,长期经营燃料油、成品油、润滑油等产品的湖南民营企业。

      Hunan Linxin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a diversified private enterprise, the company is divided into two parts:

      The first sector is the Oil Products Department, which mainly sells diesel, gasoline and natural gas.

      The second part is: Manufacturing Department, which mainly produces and sells logistics equipment, metal products and automobile accessories.

      The company is a member unit of Sinopec Hunan Branch. It holds the qualification certificate approved by Hunan Business Department for the operation of finished oil. It is a Hunan private enterprise registered by Changsha Industrial and Commercial Administration Department and long-term operation of fuel oil, finished oil, lubricating oil and other products.

      我们的理念  Our Philosophy

      市场开拓:以市场为导向 ,以效益为中心  。

      对外合作:真诚平等重信誉,互利合作求共赢 。


      创新理念:已经做的事 ,努力创新去做好;需要做的事  ,用心思考再提高。

      Market development: market-oriented, benefit-centered.

      Foreign cooperation: Sincerity, equality and credibility, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

      Quality management: to survive by quality, to develop by technology; to respect contracts and keep credibility, so that users are satisfied.

      Innovation concept: what has been done, strive to innovate and do well; what needs to be done, think hard and improve.

      我们的服务  Our Service

      顾客完全满意是我们成功地理解某一顾客或某部分客户的需求,并着手为满足顾客需求而作出相应努力的结果 。我们将顾客满意度作为工作的衡量指标,使每一个员工 ,每一个单位的努力都围绕着顾客满意这个目标 。

      Customer satisfaction is the result of our successful understanding of the needs of a customer or part of the customer and our efforts to meet the needs of the customer. We regard customer satisfaction as the ultimate measure of work, so that every employee and every unit's efforts revolve around the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.



      联系方式:王先生 13874962783

      联系方式:曹女士 13874813732




      湖南林欣石化有限责任公司,主要生产销售物流器具 、金属制品 、汽车配件  ;主要经营柴油  、汽油、天然气等的销售等业务,有意向的客户请咨询我们 。

      联系电话:王先生13874962783  曹女士13874813732

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